Forcing Myself to Code... For Fun

Some of my personal projects were on the "back burners" for the last six months. I started working on them again only because I set some goals for myself. I told myself I needed to have a minimum of one commit per week. That's not a lot, but it's a

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New Year, New Goals

Seems like I have been ignoring this blog once again. My goal is to try and post at minimum a couple of times per month. I will probably be ranting some more and talking about anything and everything to achieve that goal, so don't expect this blog's content to focus

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New Firmware: More Problems Than Fixes

Ever had a piece of hardware that didn't work quite right because the firmware had some minor flaws? It happens all the time. Thankfully fixes always arrive in the form of nerve racking firmware updates.

This story, like many others, starts with what seems like a simple solution to a

Be Gentle, or it Will Cost You - Update

Last time I posted, my computer wouldn't boot anymore. Well everything is OK now, with a surprising result.

My total repair cost was only 1/5 of what it would have costed me to buy new parts. It looks like it was the CPU. After sending my CPU back to

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Be Gentle, or it Will Cost You

Ever had those gut wrenching moments when something happens that should when working on hardware. Such is the case for me last weekend.

I had recently built a new computer since my old one couldn't play my new games (it was a 5 year old computer). The goal for this

Being Nice to the IT Person is Worth It

Like many of you, I have also had moments in my day where I feel like shaking my fist at the sky and cursing the IT department's name  up to the heavens. While this may be gratifying, it's rarely useful. Being nice the the IT team will get you much