Papyrus: A Personal Librarian

Ever wanted a small librarian you could carry around with you to manage all your physical books and keep track of who you lend those books out too? Well I have. Such is my predicament as student and lending out textbooks to friends. I could never keep track of who

The Dilemma of Open Source

The next droidhack is just around the corner, and I plan on open sourcing a project I have been working on. But like many other things, there is so much choice that the decision is not that easy.

I am all for open sourcing my code since it's the least


After many months of not posting, I can post again. Long story short, I couldn't get to my blog to post new content because of internal DNS issues. The reason? Public facing computers resolve DNS entries differently than internal clients.

The problems started after getting a new router while trying

Google Envy

It seems like everyone "nowadays" wants to work at Google. Who can blame them from the outside Google seems like an awesome place to work, and word on the inside is, it's just as awesome as everyone thinks it is. So with Google hiring more right now, there is no

OpenGL Software Rendering Mode

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to run some OpenGL 2.x code but your hardware was OpenGL 1.5 or smaller? This was a situation I faced recently. But with a quick Google search, the problem was solved... almost...

I am always on the

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Ottawa Android Developer Group

As you have no doubt guessed, I code on the Android platform as a hobby. I started by downloading the SDK and tried out the examples. I soon ran into roadblocks on how to do certain things. The problem with the internet when searching for solutions is that they don't