Like many of you, I have also had moments in my day where I feel like shaking my fist at the sky and cursing the IT department's name  up to the heavens. While this may be gratifying, it's rarely useful. Being nice the the IT team will get you much further.

I used to get annoyed at work when I would try to do something on a server and was met by a wall of frustration because I didn't have the right permissions. This frustration was increased after many requests to the IT team would go unanswered for days and no action was taken for weeks. It's hard to work on a project when you don't have the server ressources. I would grumble and wait patiently, wondering why my simple request was taking so long when it takes me seconds to do it on my personal server at home.

Recent restructuring in the organization led to some IT people from the infrastructure team to move to the same office workspace. This meant that I could go knock on someone's door to get my changes to the server done. After a few encounters I started to realize that there were many servers and other requests in the organisation. I was now more understanding of why requests took so long.

Because of this human interaction a neat thing happened. I started to go to one specific person on the infrastructure team for all my server requests for a few projects I work on. Because the interactions were in person, everything seemed much more human compared to email and ticket requests. While working to solve problems we would go on tangents sometimes and talk about various technologies. This more human interaction made it much more enjoyable to fulfill my requests. Because of this, I can now go to the infrastructure team and get my requests done much faster.

So the moral of the story is that you should be nice to your IT coworkers. You may get better support from them and improve the work atmosphere.