It seems like everyone "nowadays" wants to work at Google. Who can blame them from the outside Google seems like an awesome place to work, and word on the inside is, it's just as awesome as everyone thinks it is. So with Google hiring more right now, there is no better time to apply for a position.

I know there are many out there who are probably in the same boat I am, thinking "what chance does and undergrad like me have against a PHD graduate". The only response I can give you is that you have nothing to lose by trying. I asked the same question to and that's the response I got. So I decided to try my luck and apply for a position. Now it's time to hope for some luck and get called up for first round interviews.

For those of you further in the Google hiring "queue", there is great post by Cate Huston that talks about her interview experience, what to expect and how to prepare for an interview with Google.