Ever wanted a small librarian you could carry around with you to manage all your physical books and keep track of who you lend those books out too? Well I have. Such is my predicament as student and lending out textbooks to friends. I could never keep track of who had my textbooks and which ones were mine.

So I decided to create a small Android application to do just that. After a while I shelved the project. It sat there in the back of my mind, half implemented for a few months. A few semesters later I had to come up with a an idea for my final year project. I immediately though of my little application and how it would be fun to work on. The semester went by and I (and my team member) managed to complete a functioning alpha quality app that solved the initial problem. It was/is a little "rough around the edges" but it works.

I had promised myself to open source it and publish it on the android market because I knew a few people who would find it useful. That was 6 months ago... I finally motivated myself to publish the app and make it open source this weekend thanks to a "Droidhack" organized by the local Android developer group (Ottawa Android). This event basically get's a bunch of developers together in a room and allows you to bounce ideas off other people and ask for help.

It is during this Droidhack that I accomplished my goal to make my app open source, and to publish it to the Android market. Now for the part you have all been reading for: how to get it. I'll make it easy for you:

open source project: https://bitbucket.org/marcmeszaros/papyrus
Android market: https://market.android.com/details?id=ca.marcmeszaros.papyrus