The first two months were spent just getting used to this new environment I had just jumped into. Learning new processes, working in a small team and wearing many "hats" was starting to become routine. After a few rough deployments of code, I was starting to get the hang of my new role as the unofficial new lead developer.

Shrinking Runway

Like any other startup, you have to keep an eye on your runway. The strategy we ended up going with was trying to get into a startup accelerator. There was essentially two main reasons for this. The first was getting extra capital by getting into the accelerator to extend our runway in exchange for a percentage of the company. The second reason was to try and get more customers and grow the business.

The Application Process

We focused on a new startup accelerator that had just been created in the city of Toronto in Canada. They were looking for the first cohort of 5 companies for the accelerator. We filled out the application and sent it in. It was then time to wait and see if we got called back to move on to the next step.

We eventually did get called back and were asked to come down from Ottawa to Toronto for an in person interview with the team. Before you know it we are on a train.

This is also when I met Andrew Draper for the first time. He was joining our team as our new designer. It also happened to be the first time I had taken the train, so that was kind of fun too.

After getting to know Andrew a bit more on the train ride we eventually got to Toronto and headed to our hotel. The next day, we had the interview. It was a very short interview only lasting about 10-15 minutes. We basically just had time to pitch the company for a few minutes then each of us had a few minutes to give our background story. The accelerator management team thanked us for coming down and we were asked to send in the next team.

All I could think about is how we just spent all this time and money traveling for 15 minutes for a small chance at getting into the accelerator. I was starting to wonder if this plan was going to work.

The Result

We came back to Ottawa and continued on with the startup waiting for a reply to find out if we were accepted or not. We received the news that we were accepted shortly before the start date of the accelerator. It was exciting! A new chapter was starting for our little company. Now we just had to move to Toronto for just over 3 months while we were participating in the accelerator.